-5°C Sur Scène ... What is it ?


Our challenge: Bringing meetings between skaters, ice artists where space and time are made available to share, exchange ideas, take or give artistic advice. The transmission, training and move towards new public.
It is an event that allows EVERYBODY at least once a year to skate OTHERWISE.

Our mission is to promote the element "ice" as a means of expression, scenic element. WITH or WITHOUT Skates! 


The Festival offers:
- Workshops with professionals
- An open stage (choreographic contest) to present your work to a jury and an audience
- the opportunity to express yourself Physically or verbally

Organized in 2012 by Alexander Riccitelli and Thierry Voegeli, the first edition of -5°C Sur Scène has been possible through the presence of Sébastien Lefrançois, Paul Duchesnay, Gary Beacom, Le Patin Libre and many anonymous artists.

Today CyberGlace Corp. is engaged in several projects to present to the public an alternative to exhibitions and variety shows. The 3rd way of skating is on. -5°C Sur Scène was in Berlin in august 2014 in under the guidance of Birgit Aust.

-5°C Sur Scène it is also a state of mind ... Join the movement

The sponsor of this movement is CyberGlace. Through its financing CyberGlace's objective is to create conditions for the development of the third way of skating. This requires getting the word out, identify and bring together initiatives to ensure that anonymous actors meet and share their experience.
Our sponsorship can intervene on two axes in the selected projects:

  •     support the creation by putting material and logistical resources available to artists (residence, ice time, administrative support).
  • communication

    If you have a project, you can send your application.

The main tool for achieving this objective is the CyberGlace rink and its infrastructures but also its festival -5°C Sur Scène.

The 4th edition will be held from 6 to 8 May 2016.

Alexandre Riccitelli


Portrait d'Alexandre Riccitelli par Marc Charasson - L'Yonne Républicaine août 2017

Open Stage Festival 1st edition


Nov 2012

Results of the jury with Paul Duchesnay (skater), Gary Beacom (skater) et Sébastien Lefrançois (choreographer)

Julien Dulière, Prize interpretation with "Le mime"

Samory Bâ, Prize of the jury with "no title"

Jean-Louis Espilit & Alexandre Riccitelli, Prize of creativity with "L'écriteur"

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Open Stage Festival 2nd edition


June 2014

Results of the jury of Sébastien Lefrançois (Choreograph), Erik Poulet-Reney (writer), Claire Clément (theater).

Among the various numbers presented by the skaters, the jury finally decided not award only one prize.

Elisa Sigmund (Berlin), prize of the jury with "no title"

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Letter to the skaters

Letter to the skaters

This letter written by Alexander Riccitelli skaters aims to explain what is -5°C Sur Scène. This is a letter that attempts to understand our motivations, our deepest convictions on skating and provoke dialogue, sharing in a postive spirit. Download it in french.

Letter to the Skaters

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