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Our challenge: Bringing meetings between skaters, ice artists where space and time are made available to share, exchange ideas, take or give artistic advice. The transmission, training and move towards new public.

Our mission is to promote the element "ice" as a means of expression, scenic element. WITH or WITHOUT Skates! 


Our main tool is our ice rink with ice avalaible for artists, a place to stay and a good atmosphere, all year round.


We open this blog because we need to meet skaters from other countries with the same feeling as us about research in figure skating as a complete meidum of expression. We would like to develop workshops, meetings and share the ice with skaters from all Europe and further. That's the purpose of the Europe Creative project.


Artist résidency in 2016 july

Publié le 23/07/2016

5 international skaters are working on a choreography research at CyberGlace for 2 weeks this summer.

Maya Luther, Octavia Szibor, Mauro Bruni, Arthur Ebel and Philipp Tischendorf;

They are presenting their work to the public on 30th july at 18:00.

Come and see !

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